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These hours are temporary to cover maternity leave.

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When Andrew Taylor Still lost his wife and children to meningitis he embarked on a journey of discovery to find new ways to combat disease and ill health. Still developed osteopathy - a drug free science that seeks to identify the causes of problems rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Osteopathy was brought to the UK by John Martin Littlejohn, a student of Still, who founded the British School of Osteopathy in 1917. Since then osteopathy has grown in stature and today no one can call themselves an osteopath without being state registered.

Your musculo-skeletal system is known to osteopaths as the 'machinery of life' and all that you can do and feel is expressed through it, however, it needs direction from the nervous system. Lesions in the spine or pelvis can affect the delicate balance between these two systems and lead to pain and discomfort anywhere in the body which may contribute to other health problems.

Osteopaths work on the pelvis and spine to encourage the body back to good health.

what do osteopaths treat?

One of the principles of osteopathy is that the body has its own natural medicine chest and osteopathy appeals to nature with manipulative methods that encourage drug free healing. Most people recognise that osteopaths treat back pain, joint problems, muscle strains and sports injuries, however, historically osteopaths have treated many other conditions;

  • Circulatory
  • Respiratory
  • Digestive Problems
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Gynaecological Well-being
  • Stress & Related Illnesses
  • Childhood Problems.......far more than just a backache

what to expect when you visit?

  • The first consultation will last one hour with subsequent visits lasting 30 minutes
  • A detailed case history with your problem and medical history is recorded
  • An osteopathic examination will be carried out to form a diagnosis
  • Findings will be discussed with you followed by treatment

Patient comfort and well being is paramount

why osteopathy?

  • It aims to rebalance the whole body
  • It is based on the philosophy that the body will heal itself when obstructions to health are removed
  • We treat the whole person
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • We treat the cause, not the symptom
  • Treatment is effective, safe and very gentle

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