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Reiki in Preston

Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word for "universal Life Force Energy", an energy surrounding all living things. Reiki is a natural healing therapy whereby the Practitioner will channel this energy through his/her hands and into the recipient who concentrates on how they wish to be healed.

This is fully clothed treatment.

  • Balancing the energy system and chakras
  • Treating symptoms and causes of illness
  • Balancing organs, glands and their functions
  • Healing at a deep level
  • Reducing tiredness and removing negativity
  • Increasing self awareness and expanding creativity and developing a positive attitude

Good for:

Anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep disorders and pain.

Reiki treatments not only offer you a wonderful way to truly relax but can also provide so much more than that, helping to heal your body on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Reiki is a simple, yet powerful process.

Reiki treatments are now carried out by Louise Cabral-Jackson, a Reiki Master and qualified Midwife. Please call the centre if you would like to arrange an appointment. More information on Reiki can be found on Louise's website www.reikilancashire.com

What happens during a Reiki session?

The practitioner acts as a channel for this energy. By stimulating the body's natural healing ability at the deepest level, healing removes physical, mental and emotional blockages that may have been causing illness or upset for some time.

Channelled energy flows through the practitioner's hands to wherever it is needed in the body; Stress is released; there is a deep relaxation and a feeling of profound well being for the receiver.

During the treatment, you remain dressed and lie comfortably on a massage table, while John transmits the Reiki energy to you. Even though a Reiki treatment is commonly associated with the laying on of hands, actual touch is not necessarily required. The Reiki energy can be transmitted whilst John holds his hands within 1 to 5 inches above your body in your body's energy field (your aura.)Each position is held for a few minutes, allowing the energy to flow through them. This flow energises, whilst providing a state of calmness, relaxation and well being. In total a Reiki session would normally last around 1 hour.