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Affinity Beauty

Affinity Beauty

Claire completed her Beauty Therapy course in 1999 and now specialises in the art of Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) trained by Finishing Touches

Affinity BeautyUsing the same training, equipment and products as Harrods, you can be confident you will see the best results.

SPMU are pigment colours implanted into the skin, using sterile equipment, to restore natural colour and simulate conventional make-up.

On completion of treatment the results are fabulous. Brows that are missing or damaged can be corrected and give the appearance of larger, wider eyes. Lashes can be made to look darker and denser. Lips can be made to look fuller and more vibrant. This procedure can improve your confidence.

Clare will be attending the clinic each Friday on a monthly basis, please ask for further details.

Medical Tattooing

  • Areola (different techniques available)
  • 3D Nipple enhancement (illusion of protrusion)
  • Asymmetrical breasts (using divine proportion)
  • Scalp camouflage and stubble techniques – Scars on scalp
  • Thinning hair – (techniques to give the illusion of more hair) to colour bald or patchy areas (Alopecia, Burns or Skin Graft
  • Mosaic colour into skin grafts
  • Reduce stretch marks – by lifting and encouraging natural re-pigmentation
  • Reduce and improve medical or trauma scars anywhere on the face or body by MCA (Micro-Needling) requires multiple visits spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart

Micro Needling

Dry Needling a wrinkle therapy treatment, a natural alternative to Botox or Restylane


The peel's depth of action exfoliates and makes it possible to revitalize and refresh your skin.

NB – All medical treatments are completely unique to the person’s individual’s areas and a completion’s date and perfection is impossible. Many sessions may be required over many months, sometimes maybe even years. We aim to improve an area/areas (that an individual was going to have to live with forever) using the most up to date techniques, machines and needles used by plastic surgeons. Different techniques and training to medical areas is forever on going with our aim always on the biggest best result in the less traumatic way. No hospital stays drugs or injected anesthetic, just a walk in and out hour long appointment. Each medical appointment is £150.00

For free consultation telephone Claire direct on 07817 016961 or for more information logon to dermaceutic.com